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Programmers Need To Learn Statistics

David Gerard (12369) writes | more than 4 years ago


David Gerard writes "Zed Shaw writes an impassioned plea to programmers: Programmers Need To Learn Statistics Or I Will Kill Them All. "I go insane when I hear programmers talking about statistics like they know shit when it’s clearly obvious they do not. I’ve been studying it for years and years and still don’t think I know anything. This article is my call for all programmers to finally learn enough about statistics to at least know they don’t know shit. I have no idea why, but their confidence in their lacking knowledge is only surpassed by their lack of confidence in their personal appearance.""
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Not sure 'impassioned' is the right word... (1)

brney (1713852) | more than 4 years ago | (#30710114)

For such an impassioned statistician, the author sure makes a lot of sweeping generalizations about the knowledge of programmers without providing much empirical evidence.

Re:Not sure 'impassioned' is the right word... (1)

LSD-OBS (183415) | more than 4 years ago | (#30710280)

Yep. All pretty much anecdotal "evidence". I'm veteran programmer with no formal tertiary education, and the stuff the author says programmers don't know are so obvious to me as to be instinctual. The same goes for most colleagues I've worked with on projects where performance and measurements actually mattered. *shrug*.

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