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Texas likes open source, doesn't understand it

emerika (558197) writes | more than 4 years ago

Education 2

emerika (558197) writes "The state of Texas has issued a request for offer that is embarrassing to read. On the surface, they want to invest in open source textbooks; however, the RFO is littered with statements like: "A state-developed open-source textbook is the property of the state".

Particularly annoying, and an ongoing problem, is that they have written their own definition of open source: "As defined by statute, an open-source textbook is an electronic textbook that is available for downloading from the Internet at no charge to a student and without requiring the purchase of an unlock code, membership, or other access or use charge, except for a charge to order an optional printed copy of all or part of the textbook."

Further evidence of their lack of understanding here: "The Commissioner of Education (COE) may provide a license to use a state-developed open source textbook to an entity not listed. In determining the cost of the license, the COE shall seek, to the extent feasible to recover costs of developing, revising, and distributing state-developed/state owned open-source textbooks."

Full text of the RFO can be found here:"

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Good job Texas (1)

hkdm (1721140) | more than 4 years ago | (#30983440)

Open Source: something you must open to find the source.

Looks like an open and shut case (1)

A nonymous Coward (7548) | more than 4 years ago | (#30983666)

There's that old saying about Texas being full of steers and queers ... they got the bullshit down, and it's a mighty queer definition.

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