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Physicists Discover How to Teleport Energy

MikeChino (1640221) writes | more than 4 years ago

Power 1

MikeChino (1640221) writes "A physicist at Tohoku University in Japan has figured out how to teleport energy from one point in the universe to another. The technique is based upon prior research that shows it’s possible to teleport information from one location to another, and involves making a measurement on each [of] an entangled pair of particles. The measurement on the first particle injects quantum energy into the system, and then by carefully choosing the measurement to do on the second particle, it is possible to extract the original energy. Heady stuff, but essentially it means that you can inject energy at one point in the universe and extract it from somewhere else without changing the energy of the system as a whole."
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Green Energy?? (1)

Jakkor (1382577) | more than 4 years ago | (#31040120)

Why does every advance in technology involving energy turn into a possible "Green Energy" extravaganza. People seem to think that we are consistently on the brink of a "green energy" breakthrough when in reality the current infrastructure we have (power grids etc) is so entrenched that one single EUREKA discovery will not fix the current problems we have with energy.
We need to continue to think of the big picture and not as a society think there is a guy in a lab coat who will pure something into a beaker and suddenly our energy problems will all be fixed.
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