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DoS attack over Olympic figure skating

JoshuaInNippon (1635315) writes | more than 3 years ago

The Internet 0

JoshuaInNippon (1635315) writes "Popular Japanese message board 2ch was kicked off line by a denial of service attack that started at around noon on March 1st (JST). According Japanese and Korean media reports, the attack was carried out by Korean internet users angry over anti-Korean comments written on several of the 2ch boards where Japanese ultra-nationalists are known to lurk. The recent remarks that have reportedly got Koreans up in arms are those defaming 2010 Olympic gold medalist Yu-Na Kim. The company that manages the 2ch message board servers originally claimed that they believed around 50,000 people had caused the denial of service by repeatedly hitting F5 to refresh 2ch pages, overwhelming the 2ch host system. However, it turns out that the Japanese company actually rents their servers from an American company, Pacific Internet Exchange. That company is reported as believing the attack was actually performed by a bot network, although still of Korean origin. Since the affected 2ch servers are physically located in the States, Pacific Internet Exchange is reported as stated that they intend to present the incident to US cyber crime authorities."
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