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Former Astronauts: Obama Nasa Plans 'Catastrophic'

krou (1027572) writes | more than 4 years ago


krou (1027572) writes "Talking to the BBC at a private function held at the Royal Society in London, former astronauts Jim Lovell and Eugene Cernan both spoke out about Obama's decision to postpone further moon missions. Lovell claimed that 'it will have catastrophic consequences in our ability to explore space and the spin-offs we get from space technology', while Cernan noted he was 'disappointed' to have been the last person to land on the moon. Said Cernan: 'I think America has a responsibility to maintain its leadership in technology and its moral leadership... to seek knowledge. Curiosity's the essence of human existence.' Neil Armstrong, who was also at the event, avoided commenting on the subject."
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What is up with Neil Armstrong? (1)

moxley (895517) | more than 4 years ago | (#31466492)

He just doesn't ever want to talk about his time on the moon, or anything else.

Several former Apollo astronauts have talked about UFOs or other things of interest - Armstrong never wants to say anything about anything....It's just kind of strange...

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