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NSA Develops USB Storage Device Detector

pickens (49171) writes | more than 4 years ago

Security 1

Hugh Pickens writes "Bob Brewin writes on NextGov that the National Security Agency has developed a software tool that detects thumb drives or other flash media connected to a network. The NSA says the tool, called the USBDetect 3.0 Computer Network Defense Tool, provides "network administrators and system security officials with an automated capability to detect the introduction of USB storage devices into their networks. This tool closes potential security vulnerabilities; a definite success story in the pursuit of the [Defense Department] and NSA protect information technology system strategic goals." The tool gathers data from the registry on Microsoft Windows machines (PDF) and reports whether storage devices, such as portable music or video players, external hard drives, flash drives, jump drives, and thumb drives have been connected to the USB port. "I have a hunch that a bunch of other agencies use the detection software," writes Brewin, "so before you stick a thumb drive into your government computer to copy a 100 slide PowerPoint brief, beware that Software Big Brother may be watching.""

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MrFriday (682869) | more than 4 years ago | (#31827304)

I confess that I was expecting something magical. This sounds instead like a network agent that reads USBSTOR registry keys. Handy, but hardly worthy of much news, since the implementation of this is trivial?
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