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Is the public really concerned about privacy?

Mr.TT (1689454) writes | more than 4 years ago

Encryption 0

Mr.TT (1689454) writes "I think not. I am the owner of a small SaaS development firm that has created a free web app for the GP to use to protect their right to privacy on the Internet. It can be used anonymously (if that's what is desired) and is easy to use. The site was launched in Dec. ' 09. The premise was "people want privacy on the Internet". The reality is "people like socializing on the Internet — privacy is for nerds". Facebook is an incredible phenomenon. Who does not know at least one person that loves and spends hours a day on FB?

I have been reading Slashdot for several months and I respect this forum. I am going out on a limb here, but I am looking for feedback on why Slashdot users think the general public is not as interested in protecting their online privacy as they are in using FB to explicitly describe their exploits during Spring Break in Mexico.

Our site,, was developed using VB.Net, SQL Server 2008, Telerik ASP.NET AJAX Controls, AJAX Uploader and wodCrypt ActiveX Component. We have been monitoring access to the site since its release and we have observed that most people that arrive at our home page via search engines do not progress past it. We have modified the Home page several times trying to find a design that encourages people to explore the site in more depth. That has been challenging and, for the most part, unproductive.

Do you think there are any circumstances where you would opt to use an ultra-secure site (verified by independent penetration testers — see our FAQ) like to communicate with a group of people instead of Facebook? Enlighten me — I'm all eyes."

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