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Ubisoft Says No More Game Manuals

thsoundman (1778564) writes | about 4 years ago


thsoundman (1778564) writes "No more manuals? Ubisoft announced last week that they will be ditching the trend of printing instruction manuals for new games under the “green” initiative. While no other publishers have jumped on that “green” train just yet it is likely that others will follow suit.

Printed manuals have been part of gaming since you bought PC games in plastic bags. There have been many stand out eras for manuals such as the NES-era booklets to the manuals that accompanied Electronic Arts vinyl-sized game sleeves. Some may argue that the advancement in on screen contextual commands, first level tutorials have made the manual pointless but is this really the case?"

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Greed (1)

thsoundman (1778564) | about 4 years ago | (#31940570)

Does this make anyone else angry besides me? I don't have a problem with companies wanting to save money but I constantly feel like I'm getting screw by publishers. They seem to go out of their way to screw consumers out of their hard earned money. Doing this under the guise of being "green". Really rubs me the wrong way. I personally love getting manuals with my games. I always read them. It helps add to the game expreience as a whole. Most manuals give you extra indepth insight into the game that you just can't get from an "in game tutorial"? This is just another money grab. I hope the public see's through this guise.
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