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Keeping track of assets in a datacenter

toruonu (1696670) writes | more than 4 years ago


toruonu (1696670) writes "How do you keep track of what's in your datacenter, where it is, what it's connected to and what is it doing right now? I mean I have built a datacenter from scratch over the years and I have machines from Sun, IBM, HP, Supermicro. I have machines that are simple workernodes and machines that are heavy grade storage consolidation machines. Then there are tens of switches, some for interconnect, some for management and don't get me started on the UPS-s etc. So how does one keep any kind of decent track of such a system as the current form of twiki pages with various tables just doesn't cut it anymore and I'm looking for a freeware solution that could actually show me a visual representation of the various nodes in the racks, their connections and dependencies. Just to give a simple example, if I'm going to disconnect UPS #3 right now and swap switch #5, which machines should I even consider taking offline?"

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OpenNMS (1)

spun (1352) | more than 4 years ago | (#31943548)

The Open Network Management System [] has asset tracking, network scanning for assets, alerting, reporting, critical paths, and yes, network mapping. It will draw a basic diagram of your network, you can drag nodes around to make it make more sense, or even add your own graphics.

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