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Peter Watts sentenced - no jail time

shadowbearer (554144) writes | more than 4 years ago


shadowbearer (554144) writes "SF writer Peter Watts, a canadian citizen, whose story we have read about before in these pages, was sentenced three days ago in a Port Huron, MI court.

  There's not a lot of detail in the story, and although he is still being treated like a terrorist (cannot enter or pass thru the US, DNA samples) he was not ordered to do any time in jail, and is free and has returned home to his family. The judge in the case was, I believe, as sympathetic as the legal system would allow him to be."

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Addition (1)

shadowbearer (554144) | more than 4 years ago | (#32052764)

  There is more detail in the link within the story regarding his sentencing.

  Personally, despite the apparent kindness of Judge Adair, I feel that this has been a gross misjustice; and that not only our legal system but our entire border system needs serious overhaul (hardly new thoughts).

  At least he is free. I hope this incident will lead to some changes in our system; but I doubt it.

  I should have included this in my original submission; the fault is mine and not the editors.



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