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Why IE9 will not support other codecs than H2.64

jlp2097 (223651) writes | more than 4 years ago

Microsoft 2

jlp2097 (223651) writes "There is a new article up on Microsofts IEBlog explaining why IE9 will only support H.264:

First and most important, we think it is the best available video codec today for HTML5 for our customers. Relative to alternatives, H.264 maintains strong hardware support in PCs and mobile devices as well as a breadth of implementation in consumer electronics devices around the world, excellent video quality, scale of existing usage, availability of tools and content authoring systems, and overall industry momentum – each an important factor that contributes to our point of view. H.264 also provides the best certainty and clarity with respect to legal rights from the many companies that have patents in this area.

The article goes into detail for each of these points and is an interesting read, confirming a lot of points already discussed here."

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Fix the headline! (1)

jlp2097 (223651) | more than 4 years ago | (#32071658)

Grrr. If this gets to the front page of slashdot please fix the headline:

other codecs than -> codecs other than
H2.64 -> H.264

More FUD (1)

m6ack (922653) | more than 4 years ago | (#32074152)

The following statement is instructive:

..."H.264 minimizes uncertainty for consumers and developers."

IOW: The reason to choose H.264 in IE, exclusive to truly free codecs, is pure and simple FUD.

This is why IE is loosing market share hand over fist versus others. MS is not listening to their technical base that wants free and open standards, and we are choosing to not take what is being force-fed to us any more.

If MS does not support Ogg/Theora -- they loose, because we just say, "Oh, so, you can't play our movie??? -- Hmm, well, here... here's a better, faster, more secure alternative browser for you. It's crunchy, you'll love it!" -- and, they will.

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