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Lazy Admins Stay On IE6 To Block Facebook

bennyboy64 (1437419) writes | more than 4 years ago

Microsoft 1

bennyboy64 (1437419) writes "Businesses that want to block access to social networking sites such as Facebook are not upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE), according to Microsoft's Australian chief security adviser Stuart Strathdee, ZDNet reports. '[Companies are] happy to stay with IE6 because ... a lot of the social networking sites and the sites that they deem are unnecessary for work purposes, they're not going to render and function properly within [older versions of] IE,' Strathdee said. Are there any IT admins out there harassing IE6 for this purpose?"
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Harassing? (1)

deniable (76198) | more than 4 years ago | (#32358316)

I think he means harnessing, but the rest of the 'story' is about as meaningful. People are sticking with IE6 because of web-apps that only work with IE6. We only got the OK for IE7 last September. Filtering proxies are far more effective at blocking unwanted sites than relying on sites dropping support for old browsers.
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