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The Muppets' 1967 IBM sales films

harrymcc (1641347) writes | more than 4 years ago


harrymcc (1641347) writes "Forty-three years ago, before most people had ever heard of the Muppets, IBM contracted with Jim Henson for a series of short films that it used to educate and entertain its sales staff. These little-known movies--some of which feature cutting-edge office automation equipment such as very early word-processing systems--remain fresh, funny, and surprisingly irreverent. And one of them features the first appearance of the Cookie Monster, who got his big break on Sesame Street a couple of years later."
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43 years ago (1)

PK Tech Guy (1310715) | more than 4 years ago | (#32418630)

43 years ago, most of us were not born.

1967 (1)

JonChance (1115393) | more than 4 years ago | (#32423148)

God I feel old....
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