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Computer Science graduates the least employable

Rogerborg (306625) writes | more than 4 years ago

Education 1

Rogerborg (306625) writes "The BBC reports that in the UK, computer science graduates are now the least employable, with 17% unable to find a job 1 year after graduation. Unsurprisingly, medics, educators and lawyers do better, but when even much mocked Communications and Creative Arts graduates are finding work more easily, has computer science now become the joke course to avoid at all costs? We used to work with chips, now we're lucky to be serving fries."
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Classic (1)

Spazmania (174582) | more than 4 years ago | (#32766630)

A few years ago, CS was the major to be in if you wanted a great starting salary. So, a lot of kids with no interest in programming and no real idea what they wanted to do with their lives followed the alleged money. Remarkable as it may seem, there are today a bunch of graduates who aren't very good at computer science but are most upset that companies aren't fawning over them.

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