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64% of Gamers Prefer Physical Media

arcticstoat (993717) writes | more than 4 years ago

Data Storage 2

arcticstoat (993717) writes "Despite the advent of online game stores on all three major consoles, most console gamers apparently still prefer to hoard collections of gaming discs than download games. A recent survey conducted by Ipsos in the UK revealed that 64 per cent of the 1,000 users polled would rather have games on physical discs, while only 25 per cent would prefer digital copies. In the survey, 55 per cent of those polled said price was the key factor in determining their interest in downloading games, while 27 per cent said the wanted games available online before they were in the shops.

Ipsos' director Ian Bramley explained that "Interest absolutely drops away when you get to the types of pricing that you might charge for a new physical disc. People's perceptions are that they're not prepared to pay as much for digital content — they make the connection that it's not a physical disc and therefore it should be cheaper." At the top of the list of concerns about digital downloads was the lack pf physical ownership, with 35 per cent of those polled saying they just preferred to own a physical disc. Meanwhile, 33 per cent said they were worried they'd lose their games and 20 per cent said they like to own a physical collection of games."

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I would prefer it too... (1)

RudeIota (1131331) | more than 4 years ago | (#32777494)

Given that any games you download are *expected* to be loaded with DRM. If it weren't for that, I imagine the numbers would be quite different. I feel there's a very disturbing expectation that if you don't have a physical copy, you somehow own it 'less' because some companies try to shame you into feeling like a criminal by default.

Tell people no DRM would be involved and they really *owned* the games they downloaded and try the survey again -- the results would be different.

I prefer physical copies (1)

Winchestershire (1495475) | more than 4 years ago | (#32778778)

As much as I love Steam, this is actually one of the main things that I dislike about it. Should their company fold, or they quit hosting a specific game, you are more or less out of luck. Although lately with all the DRM's and hidden rootkits and other assorted baddies found on discs these days, I'm liking physical copies less and less.
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