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Symbian: The Biggest Mobile OS No One Talks About

blackbearnh (637683) writes | more than 4 years ago

Cellphones 0

blackbearnh (637683) writes "The iPhone vs Android wars are in full swing, but no one talks about the operating system that most of the world uses, Symbian. Part of that, perhaps, is that the Symbian developer infrastructure is so different from the Wild West approach that Apple and Google take. Over in O'Reilly Answers, Paul Beusterien, who is the Head of Developer Tools for the Symbian Foundation, is talking about why Symbian gets ignored as a platform despite the huge number of handsets it runs on. "Another dimension is the type of developer community. Symbian historically, it's type of developers were working for consulting houses or working at phone operator places or working specifically doing consulting jobs for enterprise customers who wanted mobile apps. So there's a set of consulting companies around the world that have specialized in creating apps for Symbian devices. It's a different kind of dynamic than where iPhone has really been successful at attracting just the hobbyist or the one or two-person company or the person who just wants to go onto the web and start developing.""
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