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Captain Kirk won't be the Governor General

crimeandpunishment (1754306) writes | more than 4 years ago

Canada 1

crimeandpunishment (1754306) writes "That online effort to get William Shatner nominated as Canada's next Governor General came up short. Despite a Facebook page attracting nearly 50,000 followers, Canada has decided to go the traditional route instead of beaming up Shatner."
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Very good news (1)

climenole (1445167) | more than 4 years ago | (#32841398)

David Johnston is a better choice imho. Via AFP: Legal scholar David Johnston will be Canada's next governor general after Michaelle Jean's term as acting head of state and commander in chief ends in the fall, the prime minister announced Thursday. Johnston, 69, will be installed as Queen Elizabeth II's representative on October 1 in the senate chamber. The British monarch has already approved Prime Minister Stephen Harper's pick, said a statement. Johnston reportedly beat out several sports figures, artists and entertainers that had been considered for the post, due in part to his constitutional knowledge and cool head. He is also fluent in French and English. FYI: To be the Chief of the State required skills and not popularity among facebook fans or "trekkies". On the other hand, William Shatner will be a good choice as "Carnival Dude" for Quebec city or mascot at Niagara Falls imhsho. :)))
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