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Amazon web page users grapple with porn books

destinyland (578448) writes | more than 4 years ago

Censorship 0

destinyland (578448) writes "Seven adult titles slipped onto the homepage for Amazon's Kindle community, prompting a fierce debate about whether Amazon should be censoring its listings for the sexy books and their covers. Amazon's scripts automatically generate the page from anything that was recently tagged with the word "Kindle," and there was some especially conscientious tagging this weekend from either the fans or the marketers of, for example, "Memorable MMF Threesome." (Ironically, the sexy book covers all appeared under the headline "What's Happening in the Community.") "I would think the Community should be a 'family friendly' guide to Kindle," one user complained in Amazon's discussion forum, "but it seems that it's more oriented toward pornographic and erotic content." One Kindle blogger collected the highlights of the debate about the Kindle Community home page, including Kindle users who argued Amazon's scripts are just giving their customers what they really want, as well as Amazon's official response to a customer who'd complained about the listings. "We understand your concern, but the tag doesn't fall outside of our guidelines. ""
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