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RIAA paid $16M + legal fees to collect $391k

NewYorkCountryLawyer (912032) writes | more than 4 years ago


NewYorkCountryLawyer (912032) writes "In a rare outburst of subjectivity, I commenced my blog post 'Ha ha ha ha ha' when reporting that, based upon the RIAA's disclosure form for 2008, it had paid its lawyers more than $16,000,000 to recover $391,000. If they were doing it to 'send a message', the messages have been received loud & clear: (1) the big 4 record labels are managed by idiots, (2) the RIAA's law firms have as much compassion for their client as they do for the lawsuit victims, (3) suing endusers, or alleged endusers, is a losing game. I don't know why begrudges the RIAA's boss his big compensation; he did a good job.... for the lawyers."
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Anyway somebody can use this (1)

Tekfactory (937086) | more than 4 years ago | (#32890802)

To prove the RIAA has a big bag of money and almost without exception sues little gray haired old ladies and other folks without the means to defend themself.

Or that the point of the suits is obviously not to recover money for their clients, and therefore an abuse of the system.

Except for a certain East Texas Patent Haven, I'm pretty sure Judges don't like feeling used.

Though my experience is limited to being the IT guy for a group of Probate Court Judges, and a few appearances in traffic court.

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