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Elite Group to Reboot the Web in Case of Terrorism

ion_ (176174) writes | more than 4 years ago

Security 1

ion_ (176174) writes "'s take on DNSSEC root signing is interesting to say the least. According to it, the seven people with access to the "key that can 'unlock' the Internet" will be able to reboot the web in case of "a terror attack or mass hacking".

Quoting the article: "A new safety system has been put in place allowing much of the net to be shut down in an emergency. It would be down to Mr Kane and five colleagues to switch websites back on after giving the all-clear."

The article goes on to say DNSSEC ensures that websites are "officially approved".

Slashdot covered the signing of the root zone earlier."

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Metro (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 4 years ago | (#33043654)

Is not quite the UK equivalent of the Weekly World News, but it's close. It is given away free to public transport passengers. Most people "look at the pictures of the nice girlies" or "read the celeb stories" according to taste to relieve the boredom of a commute. It's not actually a newspaper as such - it's printed on paper but very little of the contents could be described as "News".

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