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iPhone = iPorn?

crimeandpunishment (1754306) writes | more than 4 years ago

Apple 1

crimeandpunishment (1754306) writes "You knew this was coming. The adult industry has found a way to cash in on the iPhone 4. The phone's FaceTime videoconference feature is leading to a whole new way to reach out and touch someone. Adult entertainment companies are now offering video-sex chat services for iPhones...which puts Apple in a tough spot. It has always kept iPhone apps squeaky porn allowed."
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A few things.. (1)

augi01 (1209002) | more than 4 years ago | (#33068064)

First, there's a difference between keeping the apps available through Apple's App Store squeaky clean and how consumers choose to make use of the devices they've purchased. There's very little difference between how one makes use of their phone and its features and how one makes use of one's laptop or desktop. If critics suddenly start calling for Apple to regulate how, when, and for what purposes FaceTime may be used I sure hope they're willing to demand that other companies, e.g. Dell, AT&T, Verizon, etc., do the same. Their devices and networks are used for similar, if not identical, activities.

Second, IMO I wouldn't worry about this being more than a brief flare. From TFA:

"You can have the phone on your face, or other body parts, but not both at the same time," said Teagan Presley, who acts in adult films and performs in video chats. "Most customers want the full package, and it's going to be difficult holding a phone."

Sure it's cool that you can do this on an iPhone, just like it was cool that, when the first iPhone came out, someone managed to get World of Warcraft to run on it. However, it's just not practical.

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