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I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up 2.0

theodp (442580) writes | more than 4 years ago

Medicine 1

theodp (442580) writes "Remember those old Lifecall commercials? Well, you've come a long way, Grandma! The NY Times reports on a raft of new technology that's making it possible for adult children to remotely monitor to a stunningly precise degree the daily movements and habits of their aging parents. The purpose is to provide enough supervision to allow elderly people to stay in their homes rather than move to an assisted-living facility or nursing home. Systems like GrandCare, BeClose, QuietCare, and MedMinder allow families to keep tabs on Mom and Dad's whereabouts, and make sure they take their meds. Perhaps Zynga can make a game out of all this — GeriatricVille?"

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This is not a troll. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 4 years ago | (#33096724)

What about masturbation?

I'm only in my 20s, so hopefully I won't need this technology for several decades, but please tell me that there's some way to prevent your children from panicking because of the alarm going off, speeding to your home and running upstairs only to find you masturbating.

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