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How do you manage documentation of your software p

Sudheer_BV (1049540) writes | more than 3 years ago


Sudheer_BV writes "How do you manage documentation of your software project? We are a small company with a team of 5 members. We manage several closed source and open source software projects. For some of our projects we want to write and maintain end user and developer documents. We would like to be able to publish the documentation online as well as offer PDF document to our users.

There are various tools out there like DocBook, ReST, mark down, wikis, etc. Which tool do you recommend?"

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Wiki-time (1)

MikeCamel (6264) | more than 3 years ago | (#33104976)

I've not been a fan of wikis for this in the past, but my current company does this rather well. Wiki articles are started by developers as part of the design and coding process, and are monitored by the documentation team (which is small). As features make it to maturity, they are tweaked by the doc team and made available for more comment. When it's time to go live, the doc. team will do a draft edit, attract comments from interested parties, and then publish. At this point - and only at this point - the documentation is locked. All pre-edits are only available internally.

This works pretty well, and there's always the opportunity to add new articles or pages on issues such as best practice, as well. I've not looked in detail into how we can make older versions of documentation available (for instance, if we update certain features in a point release), but it seems to work pretty well, and you can track old edits if you're internal. I suspect you should be able to do the equivalent of "tags", and say: this is the documentation set for version 2.3.5.

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