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Kiddie porn as a weapon

VoiceOfDoom (875772) writes | more than 4 years ago

Security 0

VoiceOfDoom (875772) writes "Want to get rid of your boss and move up to his position? Put kiddy porn on his computer then call the cops! This was the cunning plan envisaged by handyman Neil Weiner of east London after falling out with caretaker Edward Thompson too many times. Thankfully, Weiner didn't cover his tracks quite well enough to avoid being found out — boasting about his plan to friends at a BBQ provided the police with enough evidence to arrest him for trying to pervert the course of justice. Frighteningly however, between being charged with possession of indecent images and being exonerated, innocent (if self-confessed "grumpy") Thompson was abused and ostracised for eight months by neighbours and colleagues. With computer forensics for police work either being performed by "point 'n click"-trained nearly-retired coppers or languishing in a 6-month queue for private sector firms to attend to it; the uncomfortable question is raised: How easily might this trick have succeeded if Weiner had been a little more intelligent about it?"
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