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Ask Slashdot: Web-based Private File Storage?

steve802 (99297) writes | more than 4 years ago

Privacy 2

steve802 (99297) writes "So, recently, someone died in our company, and word is getting around that the admins who were given access to his Outlook account have found personal things that are embarrassing at best (the rumor mill differs on what was found). No matter, it raises a question. I have personal stuff in Outlook folders that I would not want someone in IT to see if I suddenly dropped dead, emails to the wife, photos of the kids, that kind of thing. I also keep a journal at home that I save to a server; personal reflections that I never want anyone else to see, especially if I die. So I was thinking that some sort of web-based storage for files, individual emails, and perhaps even Outlook folders would be perfect. All my most private personal stuff in one place. I found CryptoHeaven, which seems to offer some of what I'm looking for — but it is pricey. I'm willing to pay, but something less than $400/year would be nice. Best would be a service with a dead-man's switch, so that if I don't access it in, say, three months, it auto-purges. Any thoughts?"

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Slashdot (1)

epedersen (863120) | more than 4 years ago | (#33162142)

Encrypt them, then post them as comments on Slashdot. Please Ignore: w4etjheptf4oooooo9gi8qa475043u9qk,jpedkeiwojffffff5677ijktgqw9o0pfjm0=kreqtgpmikrew90q44444444i=r,edtgg5[-p90qi=90edker0-
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