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Obama Wants Allies To Go After Wikileaks

krou (1027572) writes | more than 4 years ago

Privacy 1

krou (1027572) writes "Coming on the back of human rights groups criticising Wikileaks, American officials are saying that the Obama administration is pressuring allies such as Australia, Britain, and Germany to open criminal investigations against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and to try limit his ability to travel. 'It’s not just our troops that are put in jeopardy by this leaking. It’s U.K. troops, it’s German troops, it’s Australian troops—all of the NATO troops and foreign forces working together in Afghanistan,' said one American diplomatic official, who added that other governments should 'review whether the actions of WikiLeaks could constitute crimes under their own national-security laws.'"
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Rationality (1)

NSN A392-99-964-5927 (1559367) | more than 4 years ago | (#33225612)

Look if Obama wants to do this, it is because he is under pressure from others and cannot stop the leaks and lies. If the war was an honest one, there would not be any issues regarding these documents. Now having spoken to Julian, I am in a much better position to defend him. Contrary to belief he actually is a very kind individual and is being made a scapegoat. I already understand some people will disagree totally with me, but frankly the Afghan war has nothing to do with terrorism, just like the fake weapons of Mass Distruction in Iraq, Bush is a War Monger and Tony Blair went along with it. I have said and know the Chilcott Inquiry is not asking enough "Hard Questions", there are still secret documents not made available and it makes me furious seeing Blair blatantly lie and others to cover their own arses. Maybe Wikileaks will release a confidential document regarding OPEC intentions of building a Gas Pipeline through Helmand. I was told lies in the first Gulf War and the invasion of Kuwait. It turned out later directional/diagonal drilling was being done under the boarder in to Iraq to suck out oil and sponsored by... USA and Bush Please do not misunderstand me, I have lots of nice American friends, but the USA does not rule the world or as some people will have you believe. Really I do not see why we should be dragged in to 2 illegal wars and leaving behind total mayhem. It is about time, people stopped using the terrorism card and complaining about September 11th and we are doing this and doing that and the other to combat terrorism... more laws etc. Look we do not complain about 7/7 and how dreadful it all is....Wikileaks are just doing a job and it is NOT a one man operation Mr Assange therefore /MOTD is get over it and move on..... enjoy the meteor shower this evening!
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