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Grand Theft Auto maker is insolvent

ChiefMonkeyGrinder (1459991) writes | more than 4 years ago

Businesses 1

ChiefMonkeyGrinder (1459991) writes "One of Scotland and the UK's most important games development firms, Realtime Worlds, has gone into administration. Realtime Worlds developed Grand Theft Auto, Lemmings and, its latest game, All Points Bulletin (APB). "As Scotland’s largest games development outfit, until recent lay-offs employing 250 people, its possible demise would be a technological disaster to match the worst days in the decline of silicon glen.""
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Bad news, but business as usual for games industry (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 4 years ago | (#33327936)

Realtime Worlds didn't develop GTA or Lemmings- those were developed by DMA Design (now known as Rockstar North). The connection is that DMA was founded by David Jones, who later went on to start Realtime Worlds.

Speaking as someone who grew up in Dundee where Realtime Worlds is founded, I'll say that this is a shame for the people who worked there (though I don't know any of them personally), but AFAIK par for the course for the notoriously voltatile video games industry even in the best of times. Unfortunately, this reinforces my already sceptical view as to whether an industry where all but the largest developers are effectively betting the farm on every new release and even previously-successful companies are only one underperforming game away from bankruptcy is a sensible bet for the Scottish economy. This is relevant because the games industry has been pushing the UK government for subsidies- and I'm really *not* convinced that such an industry represents the best investment of taxpayer's money.
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