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Distributed secure networking closer yet

paxcoder (1222556) writes | more than 4 years ago

Debian 1

paxcoder (1222556) writes "FreedomBox, a convenient personal server may be a step closer to reality than skeptics imagine. While Diaspora is arguably vaporware at this point, another distributed social network project, GNU social has recently hit alpha (preview) and as announced by Tim Berners-Lee(!), is now organizing a theme design contest.

In the same time, Debian is considering a special distro that would run on 'plug computers' for which some of the goals, along with the wiki and the mailing list have been set at Debconf 10, as early as 3 days after the now-famous Moglen's talk (first link). At present stage, developers are still proposing hardware and software which will make FreedomBox a reality, and particular attention is now being given to yet another GNU project, GNUnet, a versatile secure peer-oriented networking framwork."

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Use different link (1)

paxcoder (1222556) | more than 4 years ago | (#33328062)

Please use (and if possible replace with) a different link: []
The load is already too big it seems. Same goes with other non-slashdot/tiwtter links (just append after domain).

Sorry :-(

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