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What to do with an unwanted Tivo?

rritterson (588983) writes | more than 4 years ago

Hardware Hacking 0

rritterson (588983) writes "After doing the calculation and realizing I can get all of the TV I usually watch via Hulu and iTunes for about 20% of what my cable operator charges me, I'm left with a year old Tivo HD unit that isn't worth much since it's a generation behind, yet can't be used effectively without a cable subscription (OTA HD broadcasts aren't worth recording, since I don't watch network TV much at all). It seems a shame to mothball a device that has 1.25TB of storage, and can record 2 HD streams while playing one back. It can't stream hulu, and doesn't have support for FairPlay'ed iTunes files, so I can't use it very well as a home media server as is. What would you do with it? Are there any good hacks or alternative OSes out there? It's past warranty and going to be put in the back of the closet anyway, so bring on the hard hacks of the most extreme kind."

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