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Congress Opens Records of Anti-Comic Book Shrink

eldavojohn (898314) writes | more than 4 years ago

Books 1

eldavojohn (898314) writes "Some light is being shone on comic book history today as Congress opens up the 222 boxes of a German psychiatrist's evidence and papers against comic books. Dr. Fredric Wertham is well known by comic book fans as the author of Seduction of the Innocent, a bestselling book linking comic books and juvenile delinquency — leading to a full blown congressional investigation (some say witch hunt) of the comic book industry. Wertham was long involved with criminal trials before campaigning against comic books and promoting industry and government censorship for children. Ars adds a little more context for the younger crowd and notes that he later tried to move against television violence but couldn't find the publisher backing he had against comic books."
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Not clear on the concept, are we? (1)

Deadstick (535032) | more than 4 years ago | (#33415138)

"I do not advocate censorship," he pushed back, "which is imposing the will of the few on the many, but just the opposite, a step to real democracy: the protection of the many against the few."

What we have heah is failyah to commun'cate.


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