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Low-level iOS4.1 exploit discovered

exomondo (1725132) writes | more than 4 years ago

Apple 1

exomondo (1725132) writes "It seems the exploit that could pave the way for an iOS4.1 Jailbreak has been discovered, and it's a low-level bug that — unlike the one used by the jailbreakme website — may be a little more difficult for Apple to patch.

The exploit in the boot ROM of iOS devices was first announced by iPhone Dev-Team member pod2g. It was soon confirmed by other hackers, who said that because the exploit targets such a low-level part of the operating system, Apple won't be able to stop jailbreakers without making significant hardware changes.

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not surprised (1)

aussieslovethecock (1840034) | more than 4 years ago | (#33517648)

all of apple's software and hardware is complete shit so this just goes to show you that you're much better off with Windows. Fuck, you might even go for linux if you're a little pussy, but damn, just stay the fuck away from apple and their shitty products.
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