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DIY algae farming

hex0D (1890162) writes | about 4 years ago


hex0D (1890162) writes "An interview with Aaron Baum explaining why people growing algae at home for food can help the environment, your health, and what he's doing to facilitate this. "We'd like to create an international network of people growing all kinds of algae in their homes in a small community scale, sharing information, doing it all in an open source way. We'd be like the linux of algae – do-it-yourself with low-cost materials and shared information." And one of the low-cost materials is your household urine."
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Instead of cod liver oil (1)

jago25_98 (566531) | about 4 years ago | (#33556140)

An alternative to flax & cod liver oil without metals. I'll have to try this. Another of my madcap experiments I'm sure I'll go through the stages of cool; first they laugh, then they...

ooh, first post for me...

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