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Irish Min. for Science to Launch Creationist Book

oceanclub (654183) writes | more than 4 years ago

Science 1

oceanclub writes "Conor Lenihan, the Irish Minister of State for Science, Technology, Innovation and Natural Resources, is scheduled on Wednesday 15 September to launch an anti-evolution book entitled The Origin of Specious Nonsense". The author, John J May, is a public relations person, marriage counsellor, poet, actor and ex-religious leader, but doesn't claim to have any science background in his biography.

In his book's synopsis on his website, he claims he will "unceremoniously unashamedly and unmistakably going to expose the fiction of evolution". In his quotes, he claims that "It is sacrificing reason on the alter (sic) of treason to accept that the greatest construction of all time.. a human being with a brain is the result of chance, randomness and destructive mutations. It is the irrational three legged chair of hopeless speculation that bears no resemblance whatsoever to reality and observable functioning perfect order." When contacted, Lenihan's office confirmed that he was indeed due to launch the book.

Previously, another minister in the same government, the Tanaiste (deputy Prime Minister) Mary Coughlan, hit the headlines when she claimed that Albert Einstein formulated the theory of evolution ("

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He's backed out now. (1)

billstewart (78916) | more than 4 years ago | (#33579930)

Apparently "launching a book" refers to going to the launch party, not tossing it high into space as it deserves. He was doing this as a favor to the author, who's a friend of his, and he'd already asked that his title as Minister for Science not be attached to future publicity.

Apparently, even for people who don't believe in evolution or other dubious pseudo-scientific theories such as gravity and heliocentrism, this one's way deep into the cracked pottery.

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