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Supreme Court Eyes RIAA ‘Innocent Infringer&

droopus (33472) writes | more than 4 years ago


droopus (33472) writes "The U.S. Supreme Court is weighing into the first RIAA file sharing case to reach its docket, requesting that the music labels’ litigation arm respond to a case testing the so-called “innocent infringer” defense to copyright infringement.

The case pending before the justices concerns a federal appeals court’s February decision ordering a university student to pay the Recording Industry Association of America $27,750 — $750 a track — for file-sharing 37 songs when she was a high school cheerleader. The appeals court decision reversed a Texas federal judge who, after concluding the youngster was an innocent infringer, ordered defendant Whitney Harper to pay $7,400 — or $200 per song. That’s an amount well below the standard $750 fine required under the Copyright act.

Harper is among the estimated 20,000 individuals the RIAA has sued for file-sharing music. The RIAA has decried Harper as “vexatious,” because of her relentless legal jockeying."

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Just fix the damn law already (1)

Haedrian (1676506) | more than 4 years ago | (#33660792)

750 a track may have made sense when pirating involved opening a stall and selling copied cds.

It makes no sense now at all.

So instead of this stupid bickering just fix the damn law already.

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