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Facebook is building an Android-based smartphone

destinyland (578448) writes | about 4 years ago

Cellphones 1

destinyland (578448) writes "Reports are surfacing of a Facebook-backed smartphone running Google's Android system, built by INQ (who also manufactures a phone for Skype). GigaOm's Om Malik says he's been aware of the project "for quite some time," and Bloomberg News reported that Facebook Inc. will release two AT&T smartphones in 2011, first in Europe and then in America. (Adding that 25% of Facebook users access the social networking site with their wireless devices.) "Like some people would love to have a Hello Kitty phone or a Batman phone, there are undoubtedly buyers waiting with bated breath for a phone that says Facebook on it..." notes one technology blog. "The buying public seems to be entranced with the idea of the phrase 'Facebook phone' so rumors persist.""
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Where will it go next (1)

jogreen68 (1909374) | about 4 years ago | (#33702714)

Facebook and Mozilla, this will be interesting, I think it will be very difficult to beat the elegance of the iPhone however if they incorporate flash well then there could certainly be market share for them. This is set to be an unbelievably competitive market, it could not get better for the consumer.
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