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ISPs profit from coughing up customer data

nk497 (1345219) writes | more than 3 years ago

Piracy 1

nk497 (1345219) writes "ISPs in the UK are charging as much as £120 to hand customer data over to rights holders lookinfor proof of piracy, according to the Federation Against Software Theft. While ISPs have to hand over log details for free in criminal cases, they are free to charge in civil cases — and can set the price. “In 2006, we ran Operation Tracker in which we identified about 130 users who were sharing copies of a security program over the web,” said John Lovelock, chief executive of FAST. “In the end we got about 100 names out of them, but that cost us £12,000, and that was on top of the investigative costs and the legal fees.”"
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webmistressrachel (903577) | more than 3 years ago | (#33711364)

Yes, on-topic for once - why isn't this on the front page??

ISPs are breaking the Data Protection Act in the UK by serving up customer's personal information to the "victim" in a civil case BEFORE a warrant is obtained! More criminal offences and abuses of the system to chase "offenders" who are "guilty" of a civil crime!

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