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Laser-like signal from Gliese 581 in '08

w0mprat (1317953) writes | more than 3 years ago


w0mprat (1317953) writes ""Just about a year ago Ragbir Bhathal was scanning the night sky for alien activity, just as he does every night. Except on this December eve Ragbir Bhathal found a strong, regular, repeating signal.... Unlike most of the tin-foil hat wearing whackadoos in his field, Dr. Bhathal is a hard scientist working with university money to find extraterrestrials...As proprietor of OZSETI, Dr. Bhathal combs the universe in search of light signals, not radio transmission"

The star system in question is none other than Gliese 581, where a earthlike planet was reccently found. Bhathal has only detected this signal once, while it has been verified by a signal processing specialist to be a real signal, it has not been seen again. Bhathal has a strong case for his decision searching around the visible spectrum, something like a laser may stand out as almost unambiguously artificial. He may have indeed found just that.

In this article from '09 they specifically mention the planet's name, Gliese 581e. They claim this 'e' planet was too close to its sun to be habitable.

This recently discovered 'goldilocks' planet is Gliese 581g. Same fracking solar system!"

Link to Original Source

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Frak (1)

sznupi (719324) | more than 3 years ago | (#33754486)

So, new hysteria is inevitably starting... (/me goes back, grumbling, to his telescope to observe some more Marsian canals; also Venus - some transient break in cloud cover might finally happen and the tropical jungles will reveal themselves for a short time) )

E-mail to the researcher (2, Interesting)

w0mprat (1317953) | more than 3 years ago | (#33754624)

After posting that I have emailed the researcher to confirm that the signal did in fact come from Gliese, because on reading around the internet I can find no clear statement of such. It seems the internets has made a correlation based on Gliese being mentioned in the same article.

Hi Dr Bhathal, I was interested to read about your discovery of a unexplained laser-like signal that got some press attention in 2008. [....] It now seems many on the internet have drawn a link between your discovery and the reccent discovery of a habitable planet in the Gliese 581 system, [....] However, try as I might I can't find a single quote, or some clear statement that the co-ordinates in the sky from which the signal you were studying match up with Gliese at all. Some of the original 08/09 articles mention Gliese but don't make the link clear. [.... etc etc ....] Can you confirm if this is correct that the signal came from the co-ordinates of Gliese? Or is it from, as i suspect, elsewhere in the sky?

I will post back any response. I guess the lesson here is to check sources, especially since there are plenty of nuts getting carried away with this. Not that slashdot doesn't love flimsy correlations, but I'm curious what the source has to say.

Re:E-mail to the researcher (1)

IronTomRackham (1809216) | more than 3 years ago | (#33756654)

He is probably partying his ass off geek style with Leonard and Wolowitz
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