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Where are they now? Original PC Programmers

Esther Schindler (16185) writes | about 4 years ago

Programming 0

Esther Schindler (16185) writes "In 1986, Susan Lammers did a series of interviews with 19 prominent programmers in a Microsoft Press book, Programmers at Work. These interviews give a unique view into the shared perceptions of accomplished programmers... the people who invented the tools you use today. In Programmers Who Defined The Technology Industry: Where Are They Now?, Esther Schindler tracked down the fate of these prominent developers — from Robert Carr (Framework) to Dan Bricklin (VisiCalc) to Toru Iwatani (author of Pac Man, I'm glad you asked).

It isn't just a shortened resume for each of these guys, though. The article quotes the developer's 1986 views on programming, the business, and the future of computing, and in two cases (Bricklin and Jonathan Sachs (Lotus 1-2-3)) spoke with them to learn how-and-if their views changed.

One meaty example: In 1986, Bill Gates said, on Microsoft’s future: “Even though there’ll be more and more machines, our present thinking is that we won’t have to increase the size of our development groups, because we’ll simply be making programs that sell in larger quantities. We can get a very large amount of software revenue and still keep the company not dramatically larger than what we have today. That means we can know everybody and talk and share tools and maintain a high level of quality.” At the time, Microsoft had 160 programmers."

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