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Companies, FTC Block EPA's Greenhouse Gas Data

eldavojohn (898314) writes | more than 3 years ago

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eldavojohn (898314) writes "The EPA had a good idea about adding transparency to greenhouse gas and pollution: put the raw data and the tools used to calculate it online available to the public. The reason being that they have goals to be met by March to create the 'first-ever inventory of greenhouse gases, a massive database that will reveal most sources of greenhouse gases in the United States.' According to the Canadian Press, several American companies are trying to stop this and even the FTC has weighed in against the EPA releasing these calculations. The EPA's stance is simply to allow the public to double check the math saying, 'It is important for outside groups and the public to have access to this information so they can essentially see and check EPA's and the company's math — giving the public greater confidence in the quality of data.' But everyone from Honeywell to DuPont are saying things like, 'What we are trying to get across is that if you take that information about how the plant runs and you make that available to the public it does not make the public any better informed about what is coming out of my plant. It exposes the fruits of all my innovation.' Perhaps the real fear is that it will be extremely simple to create a very accurate map online of the data per facility so that people can be better informed about their own localized pollution?"
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