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NBC's Syfy delaying online episodes 30 days

commodore64_love (1445365) writes | more than 3 years ago

Television 1

commodore64_love (1445365) writes "The Comcast/NBC-owned Syfy cable channel has decided to delay Online airing of new episodes. Most of its shows (including Haven, Ghost Hunters, Sanctuary) will not be legally available online for 30 days, in an attempt to get more people watching the show live on their Cable or Dish TV subscriptions. The response from Syfy VP Craig Engler: "How soon we post video is dependent on various agreements with producers, distributors, etc. We post as much as we can as soon as we can."

The explanation given by Hulu on their Stargate Universe page: "The first 3 episodes of the new season will be available the day after their original airdates. Subsequent episodes will become available 30 days after their original airdates.""

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And they wonder why people pirate... (1)

jonwil (467024) | more than 3 years ago | (#34077136)

The way to stop pirates is not to spend billions of dollars suing people or pushing for laws to make piracy a more serious crime than murder.
The way to stop pirates is to make the content available legally.

For example, if episodes of the show are available on Hulu, a lot of people will watch it there instead of bothering to try and find a working torrent of the show.

But for the vast amount of content that isn't available legally at all (including content that is being deliberatly withheld from the market by the media companies, as mentioned in the summery) people have no choice but to pirate if they want that content.

The real issue is that the media corps dont want to make this content available because online content (be it ad-supported like Hulu, download-to-rent, download-to-buy or whatever) will never make them as much money as selling the content to TV networks and cable companies.

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