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The real story behind Hecker’s North Korean

Martin Hellman (1254284) writes | more than 3 years ago


Martin Hellman (1254284) writes "Former Los Alamos Director Siegfried Hecker recently returned from his seventh trip in as many years to North Korea. The purpose of his visits has been to assess that nation’s nuclear program and to seek ways to defuse the nuclear threat on the Korean peninsula. It is unfortunate that the extensive press coverage of his trip has focused on the parts that feed American fears. This is dangerous because, in a guest lecture to my seminar last February, Prof. Hecker suggested a program to improve American national security with respect to North Korea, but noted that it was impossible to implement because of domestic political considerations. Media coverage that reinforces American fears and myths therefore harms our national security. When I emailed Prof. Hecker about some inaccurate reporting on his most recent trip, he told me to "check the CISAC website for the real story." My current blog post summarizes that “real story” and its implications for national security."
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