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Googler Fired for Spreading Holiday Cheer ID'd

theodp (442580) writes | more than 3 years ago

Christmas Cheer 0

theodp (442580) writes "Reports are circulating that the Googler fired for violating the privacy of his fellow Googler privacy violators was Apple legend Randy Wigginton, who collaborated with Woz on the Apple II and created MacWrite, Full Impact, and numerous other Mac applications. You may remember that Google decided to fire an employee whose dastardly crime was breaking the good news of Google's $1,000 Holiday Bonus, a move that would do Ebenezer Scrooge or Mr. Potter proud. Looks like it's a lesser evil to 'accidentally' sniff the world's wi-fi traffic. Guess Google doesn't buy into that quality-of-mercy-is-twice-blest-Shakespeare-nonsense either, although it seems a tad hypocritical that a do-no-evil company would expect mercy for its own transgressions while denying it to one of its own self-described 'world's best employees.' Asked for his thoughts on Wigginton's firing, Woz suggested 'this is minor enough that a wrist slap would be more appropriate.' Agreed. Unless there's something big here that hasn't yet been reported, might be a nice Thanksgiving gesture if Larry, Sergey or Eric picked up their Nexus S and offered Randy — or whoever the 'perp' is — a second chance."

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