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Windows 7 phones already buy one get one free

rtfa-troll (1340807) writes | more than 3 years ago

Microsoft 0

rtfa-troll (1340807) writes "Even with the pre-Christmas buying rush, the Register writes that Microsoft is already desperately offering a new buy one get one free offers similar to the ones they gave for the KIN.. According to the register article, "Windows Phone 7 devices can't even manage two per cent of the fortnight's sales.". These aren't official Microsoft figures, they come from online shopping sites, but since Microsoft official sales figures seem subject to manipulation (also discussed on /.) this is may be one of the better guesses we will get at the success of Windows 7 until well into next year. Also this strongly backs up other reports of deeply disappointing phone sales. Even Microsoft supporters have been wondering for a while whether it's time for Ballmer to go? If the sales reports are true then it looks like he may be pushed before he jumps."
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