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What is a good "Personal" Version Control system?

StonyCreekBare (540804) writes | more than 3 years ago


StonyCreekBare (540804) writes "I maintain a number of documents, spreadsheets, and some small programs for personal use. Years ago I used a version control software system to track such things in my professional world. Lately I have been itching to move to some sort of a version control system to keep the various files better organized and track my changes in my personal world. I started looking at various systems available such as Subversion, and while it would definitely do the job, it seems a bit like using an elephant gun to swat a fly. I want something simpler, with less of a learning curb, that is suited for a single user, with a small number of files, in various formats. I mainly mean Spreadsheets, Doc files, and text files. Do Slashdot users have a smaller simpler solution they recommend?"

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Dropbox (1)

dakameleon (1126377) | more than 3 years ago | (#34412698)

Dropbox gives you backup to the cloud, and some level of version control - I assume you won't be needing to branch and merge documents.

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