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Netflix touts open source, ignores Linux

Julie188 (991243) writes | more than 3 years ago

Open Source 1

Julie188 (991243) writes "If Netflix loves open source, where's the Linux client? Last week's post from Netflix on its use of open source has gotten a lot of coverage from the tech press. Too bad nobody's called the video giant out on its hypocrisy: They benefit greatly from open source, but really don't care to let their customers do the same."
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There's a good reason why... (1)

STratoHAKster (30309) | more than 3 years ago | (#34570560)

The reason Netflix isn't watchable on Linux is fairly understandable. You just can't protect content on a system that is top down open-source. Even if Netflix were to provide closed-source modules or players, there are still APIs that can be patched, replaced that can record all output from the player, even snoop out video from the framebuffer, transcoding that into a nicely, unprotected video stream. Think of how quickly you'd see Netflix rippers appear.

But that isn't even remotely the real reason, this could happen in Windows just as well. The real reason is that Microsoft provides the entire streaming framework and content protection, so this is Microsoft's responsibility. Who could Netflix blame if say the fault lied somewhere gstreamer? Microsoft can push out updates very quickly to close up loopholes and even enforce new driver-level DRM protections that would never happen universally on Linux.

Of course, if you really want the movies for yourself, you could just rent and dupe them like everyone else. ;)

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