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Microsoft-Novell Patent Buyout Partners Revealed

justice4all (1735642) writes | more than 3 years ago

Java 0

justice4all (1735642) writes "Apple, Oracle and EMC are apparently the joint owners, with Microsoft, of 882 patents bought from Novell

It has emerged that Microsoft’s partners in the consortium that bought 882 patents from Novell last month are Apple, Oracle and EMC.

When Novell was bought by Attachmate in November, a Microsoft-backed consortium called CPTN acquired 882 patents for $450 million, from the one-time leader in networks and application software. There is still no word which patents have been bought, but the other members of the consortium have been revealed as three dominant industry players.

According to a page on the site of the German federal antitrust authority (the “Bundeskartellamt”), CPTN is composed of Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and EMC, and its key business is unsurprisingly ”

Members of the consortium have taken controversial stances on patents in the past — Oracle is currently suing Google over the implementation of Java in the Android OS, and Apple is suing Nokia and HTC."

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