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UK to block all internet porn

airfoobar (1853132) writes | more than 3 years ago

Censorship 0

airfoobar (1853132) writes "Yet another country wants to "protect the children" by blocking all internet porn — not just child porn, all porn. The British gov will talk with ISPs next month to ask them to make porn blocking mandatory (and they appear more than happy to comply). As an effect, adults who want to access pornography through their internet connections will have to "opt in". Their rationale is that if ISPs have managed to block all child porn, they'll also be able to block all other porn as well.

When parental controls exist for users to do this on their own, why does the gov want to get involved? Why not let users choose if they want such a service or not? This is how you bring internet censorship in: by gradually blacklisting sites that most people won't pipe up to defend. Welcome to the age of Her Majesty's Great Firewall."

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