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A Real World HTML 5 Benchmark

chromatic (9471) writes | more than 3 years ago


KidCompy writes "The newest browsers boast huge performance improvements, but how much do you trust benchmarks trotted out to prove those claims? Do they reflect the real uses to which developers will put HTML 5 and JavaScript? We've extracted several benchmarks from our existing programs to measure actual versus theoretical performance."
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More than just a benchmark (1)

BeforeCoffee (519489) | more than 3 years ago | (#34663776)

The ClubCompy website has this whole virtual computer that is reminiscent of computers in the 80's. It's designed for little kids to learn how to code.

Here's a madlib's program, for example, that works!

15 SHOW Cursor, 1
20 PRINTLN 'Enter a name:'
30 SET name, GETLINE
40 PRINTLN 'Enter a noun:'
50 SET noun_one, GETLINE
60 PRINTLN 'Enter a color:'
70 SET color, GETLINE
80 PRINTLN 'Enter an exclamation:'
90 SET exclamation, GETLINE
100 PRINTLN 'Enter an adjective:'
110 SET adjective, GETLINE
120 PRINTLN 'Enter a verb ending in -ing:'
130 SET verbing, GETLINE
140 PRINTLN 'Enter another noun:'
150 SET noun_two, GETLINE
160 PRINTLN 'Enter a hobby:'
170 SET hobby, GETLINE
175 PRINTLN '----'
180 PRINTLN 'One fine day, ' + name + ' went to the store'
190 PRINTLN 'to buy a ' + noun_one + '.'
200 PRINTLN name + ' looked at all of the colors'
210 PRINTLN 'and chose ' + color + '.'
220 PRINTLN '"' + exclamation + '!" said the clerk.'
230 PRINTLN '"What a ' + adjective + ' ' + noun_one + '!'
240 PRINTLN 'What are you going to do with it?"'
250 PRINTLN '"' + verbing + ' my ' + noun_two + ',"'
260 PRINTLN 'said ' + name + '. "It\'s for ' + hobby + '."'

The main website is [] , click on the big ">> CLICK << Start Your Compy!" button to get into the shell.

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