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An FBI-Mozilla Connection?

AHuxley (892839) writes | more than 3 years ago

Firefox 1

AHuxley (892839) writes "Is a former Animal Liberation Front prisoner and FBI informant now working for Mozilla?
The article has a link to grand jury testimony and notes the exchange for a reduced sentence."

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ushering05401 (1086795) | more than 3 years ago | (#34667902)

There have been some really disturbing incidents that suggest the FBI has moved themselves much further up the food chain in trying to find radicalized individuals. I would be most interested in a comparison of the experiences of people that were involved with FBI informants before 2003 vs the experiences we are hearing more about post 2003. I suspect we will find increasing difficulty in separating the Bureau from the process of radicalization. Get too close and we can't tell you apart.

For those that aren't going to go inserting themselves into other people's business, look up the case coming out of Irvine, CA regarding the mosque infiltration. When taken in context with the preliminary data from the other two recent domestic bombing attempts it may be a warning sign that we are setting the enforcement *personnel* up for a slaughter in the courts. Making martyrs out of people that believe they are patriots like the feebees hopefully believe is not a good tactic. Letting the personnel get burned when they were following orders is bad.

If there is an institutionalized problem then we need to begin preparing to support the prosecution of the institution over the persecution of the institutionalized practitioners. Put another way - who wants the g-ride when you can get the machine that is making them?

Written from FF because I'm tired of coding my own apps in machine language to avoid compromised compilers ;)

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