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Man hits teenager on airplane for using iPhone

Charlotte Web (1608165) writes | more than 3 years ago

Transportation 1

Charlotte Web (1608165) writes "A 68-year-old man was arrested in Idaho after punching a teenager who refused to switch off their iPhone on an airplane. "The unnamed boy ignored the flight crew's request to switch off electronic devices and instead continued playing games and listening to music," after which, the teenager says, the man went "ballastic." After their scuffle, the 68-year-old man now faces a six month jail term or a $1,000 fine. But the iPhone-using teenager "did not require medical attention and did not face any police action.""
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This man did what (1)

nopainogain (1091795) | more than 3 years ago | (#34726734)

The irreverent anti-establishment punk's useless parents should have done years prior! This kid is well on his way to a career in competing-with-illegals-in-front-of-Home-Depot. He'll blame the rich man too. It's the fault of all those jerks who did as they were told and paid attention to authority figures. Now those evil rich people are making money for working hard and living by the rules.
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